About Us

Our Focus

The Allenbaugh Group is a national retained executive search firm based in Seattle, with a special focus on three critical company functions:

  • Marketing
  • Business development and sales
  • Marketing research and consumer insights

We have more than 30 years of experience in identifying, hiring, and managing key marketing and sales talent, as well as marketing research professionals. The Allenbaugh Group brings extensive practical experience to the world of exective search. And we are clear-headed about our core practices.

Critical Elements We Think About

(…and how much effort we put into delivering on them!)

  • Understanding a company’s business, industry, and challenges 100% 100%
  • Critical success factors for candidates and individual companies 100% 100%
  • The importance of cultural fit 100% 100%
  • Candidate / employer /role match 100% 100%
  • Building and developing career paths 100% 100%
  • Measuring, improving, and communicating our own performance 100% 100%
Bruce Allenbaugh

Bruce Allenbaugh

Founder and President

About Bruce

Bruce Allenbaugh has built and led marketing organizations in a variety of companies across a range of industries for 30 years. He has a long-standing passion for strategic recruitment of high-level talent into key roles that match a company’s needs with a candidate’s expertise, interests and career aspirations.

Bruce has been immersed in large-scale, public B2B & B2C companies, as well as early-stage startups that have gone public. His has deep experience in all aspects of marketing in companies all at stages – from concept, to rapid organic growth, to expansion through acquisition and integration, to large-scale corporate reorganization and re-positioning.

This background and experience makes him imminently qualified to help you find the best and the brightest talent that will help take your company into the future.

In His Own Words

“I’ll make it a short story: I connect great people with great people. It’s my true passion. Always has been; always will be. I identify and match the right talent for the right position in the right place at the right time.

“I came to executive recruiting after 30 years in marketing and sales. I’ve built marketing organizations in large companies and startups. I’ve been through a few IPOs. I know the evolving marketing and sales landscape.

“I have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in a fast-changing environment, where marketing is increasingly the centerpiece of developing company strategy, customer focus, market insight, business growth, and product innovation.”

Connect Great People with Great Companies

We connect great people with great opportunities in great companies. It’s our true passion – always has been; always will be. We identify and match the right talent for the right position at the right time. You have your own personal and professional network, but we can make it geometrically large and effective.

Sublime Service

You are not handed off to a junior associate or a research manager. Our boutique size means you get the highest level of dedication and the attention of a senior, seasoned professional from the beginning to end of the process. Period. We think of ourselves as “the Nordstrom of executive search.”

The World Is Your Oyster

Opportunities are everywhere, and they can be global. The USA is our market of focus, but our reach extends to every part of the world for senior-level and executive opportunities. We concentrate on for- profit enterprises, large and small – from newly funded startups to public companies deep in their lifecycles.

Build Relationships, Build Value

How many times have you said, “It’s a small world, isn’t it?” You never know when you will be working with that person you met 5 years ago, or read about just last week. Building and maintaining strong relationships enhance the value of every person and every company you know. This is what we believe and how we operate, beginning with a relationship with you.

“Bruce differentiates himself in a sea of executive recruiters given his years of practical experience on the ‘client side’. He knows what it’s like to be in B2B and B2C companies; from startups to mature businesses in a variety of industries. He brings a wealth of knowledge to companies who need to fill senior-level positions with the right people.”

Gerry Lopez

CEO, Extended Stay America

“I’ve known Bruce for a long time, but I won’t reveal the number of decades! We’ve both had a breadth of marketing leadership experiences, from consumer packaged goods to insurance & financial services. Executive search and recruiting is a natural extension of his skills, passion and interests. He’s always been able to spot great talent and knows what it takes to lead people, products, and initiatives!”

Ann Glover

CMO, Voya Financial

“Given his real world business experience, Bruce knows how critical importance of matching the right person with the right position at the executive team level. He’s been around the block once or twice, so he definitely understands what makes companies tick, their fundamental business challenges, and what it takes for organizations to grow and thrive.”

Jim Alling



“I only work with people that I can trust. Bruce understands what it takes to build a team and was a core player on the Safeco executive team as we turned around our company and returned it to growth and profitability. He sets a great example to others and contributes with his knowledge, humility, marketing skills, and ability to find great people.”

Mike McGavick

Former CEO, Safeco Insurance; CEO, XL Group

“I’ve worked with Bruce and have known him for over 25 years. He has terrific experience in all aspects of marketing, business development, and consumer insights. He is an asset to any company searching for senior-level talent with leadership ability, proven expertise, and positive results. Period.”

Debra Sandler

President, Mars Chocolate North America

“If you’re a CEO or COO looking to hire top level talent into your company, or if you’re a marketing professional who is exploring career opportunities, you’ll want to talk to Bruce. He’s someone you can trust, he’s got a great comprehension of what it takes to hire and develop great sales and marketing talent. Plus, he’s one of those people who’s just plain fun to be around.”

John Talbot

CEO, California Milk Advisory Board

“I have known Bruce for a long time, as he and I started in brand management together at Pepsi-Cola many years ago! His work in startups and high-growth companies showed his colleagues and friends what it was like to take risks and succeed. Bruce has always been a connector of people. Heck, we’re even Facebook friends.”

Gary Briggs

VP, CMO, Facebook


“Bruce knows what it means build a company from the ground up, and to find the talent required to grow it. He is a highly capable, creative and connected business executive. Not only did Bruce help create a national marketing organization, he helped foster a company culture focused on team building – and results! He pulled many people into the company with the right stuff who helped us succeed.”

Jim Voelker

Investor; Board Member, Lighthouse eDiscovery

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